Research and Archives Section

Work and Activities

  1. Comparative study of Chöké and Dzongkha.
  2. Develop guide books on Dzongkha such as grammars, dictionaries, thesauri, orthography guides and etymological dictionaries.
  3. Dzongkha spelling standardization.
  4. Creation and update of the transliteration system for writing Dzongkha in the Roman script (Romanization) and writing English using the Dzongkha script ("Dzongkhaization").
  5. Encourage the documentation of the indigenous languages of Bhutan.
  6. Organise and conduct research on the Dzongkha language.
  7. Organize and conduct seminars and workshops on Dzongkha and the other languages of Bhutan.
  8. Collect and archive Dzongkha publications and books on Dzongkha and the other languages of Bhutan.
  9. Coordinate research activities, training and programmes under the purview of the Research Section.