Dzongkha is the National Language of Bhutan

- Article 1(8) of the Consitution of Bhutan

Wed, December 7, 2016

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Spelling Correction

འགུག་སྡོད། སྒུག་སྡོད།
ཨ་རྟགས་རང་། ཨ་རྟག་ར།
གཙོ་བོ་བརྟེན་དོ། གཙོ་བོ་བཏོན་དོ།
ཐོབ་ནི་འབད་དེས། འཐོབ་ནི་འབད་དེས།
ག་དེ་འབད་སྡོད་ནི། ག་དེ་སྦེ་སྡོད་ནི།


Deputy Chief Program Officer appointed as Dzongrab-Gom 13-09-2016
Dzongkha Competency Enhancement Training 24-06-2016
Dzongkha Unicode and Dzongkha website development workshop 17-06-2016
The best Dzongkha book of the year awarded. 02-06-2016
English-Dzongkha Bi-lingual Medical Dictionary Desktop Application 22-03-2016
Built-in support for Dzongkha in Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) 10-12-2015


Expression of Interest 26-09-2016
Shortlisted Applicants for the post of Chief Program Officer 21-09-2016
Vacancy Re-Announcement 18-08-2016
Vacancy Announcement 01-08-2016
Notice Inviting Tender 27-05-2016
Recognition of ICT Champion 13-04-2015

Recent Publications

National Professional DialoguePDF file
Rapgai Jϋmang, A Dzongkha PhrasebookPDF file
LozeyPDF file
PaytamPDF file
A Pictorial Terminology Book on Modern EquipmentPDF file
A Pictorial Terminology Book on Traditional Arts and CraftsPDF file
English-Dzongkha Bi-lingual Medical DictionaryPDF file
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