IT Section

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the DDC's Information Technology (IT) Section are as follows:

Update of Dzongkha Tools for Unicode

Regular update and improvement of the DDC Dzongkha Tools for Unicode software with the goal that computing and communications in Dzongkha becomes as useable as it is for English and other languages.

Dzongkha computing software

To promote Dzongkha computing, the IT Section should strive continually to develop additional Dzongkha software, and to troubleshoot any bugs, provide support services and user instructions for its software. To ensure constant support for Dzongkha computing, software should be maintained at par with that available for other languages.

Dzongkha typefaces

To preserve the old calligraphic conventions of Joyig and Tsuyig in digital form, and to improve Dzongkha typography, constant development and update of Dzongkha fonts should be carried out.

Dzongkha spell checking system

To facilitate Dzongkha spelling and sentence correction through software, Dzongkha spell checker and grammar correction applications need to be developed.

Linguistic database

To support the development and research on languages, a lexical database repository of Dzongkha words needs to be created and maintained for ready reference and use in developing dictionaries.

Digitising the publications of the DDC

To create digital copies of DDC publications (such as dictionaries, grammars, pronunciation guides, and other publications), in the form of CD and online copies for convenient access by the public and scholars.

Dzongkha media program

To develop Dzongkha promotional programs in the form of software and multimedia programs which can be distributed online, on CDs, and in other digital forms.       

Cooperative work with other organisations

To cooperate, enhance and carry out IT related works with other governmental IT organisations that share similar interests in furthering the IT in the country.      

IT support for the Commission Secretariat

The IT Section is also responsible for providing computing support for the Commission Secretariat including maintenance of its network; and for the development and maintenance of this web-site.