Using Mozilla Firefox with Dzongkha


Configuration of Mozilla Firefox for Dzongkha

Set Character Encoding to UTF-8 Unicode


  • Start Firefox, and navigate to a Dzongkha webpage
  • In the Firefox menu go to: ViewCharacter Encoding
  • Select: "Unicode (UTF-8)"
Firefox View Character Encoding


Configure Fonts


  • Next, in the menu go to: Tools Options
Firefox Tools Options
  • In the Options dialog box choose Content
Furefox Options Content Dialog
  • In the Options Content tab, clck on the Advanced… button in the Fonts & Colours section
Font Options
  • A Fonts dialog box, like the one illustrated above, will be displayed.
  • In the drop down list box next to Fonts for: select Other Languages.
  • In the list box next to Proportional select Serif.
  • For all font options (Serif, Sans Serif and Monospace) select a suitable Dzongkha font (e.g. "DDC Uchen").
  • In the Character Encoding section, choose: "Unicode (UTF-8".
  • Finally, click on the OK button in this dialog box, and again in the Options dialog box.
    Dzongkha web pages should now display correctly as in the example below: