Dzongkha Competency Test App

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This interactive app to self-test Dzongkha competency will help the users learn from their weaknesses. The app consists of objective questions on various topics of Dzongkha grammar, spelling, honorifics and numbers.

This app was developed by G2C Office under the Prime Ministers Office of Bhutan in collaboration with Dzongkha Development Commission, “In pursuit of Improving Public Service Delivery”.


With advancement of technology and Bhutan's aim of creating ICT enabled society, to promote Dzongkha through ICT is one of the objectives of the commission and with increasing number of smart phone users and mobile phone penetration outpacing the other means of communication in the country, promoting Dzongkha through mobile phones is seen to be one of the most effective strategies.

Grammar being one of the backbones of any language, this app is developed for the users to be able to test their Dzongkha grammar and learn from the mistakes. To encourage people to use Dzongkha in their daily communication, the app also facilitates users to remember spelling of some of the most confusing daily used Dzongkha words, honorific forms and numbers.


  • Except for installation, internet is not required to use the app.
  • The app consists of 260 objective questions covering 13 different topics.
  • The test can be taken either topic wise or level wise.
  • A topic consists of 20 objective questions and there are 13 different topics.
  • A level consists of 13 objective questions and there are 20 levels in total.
  • Next level will be unlocked only upon completing the previous level.
  • The correct answers with explanations for the questions which are answered wrong are displayed at the end of the quiz along with the scores .



Current Version 0.01 - 16/08/2016

Size:7.9 MB

Requires Android 4.4.2 or later


Current Version 0.0.2

Size:45.8 MB

Requires iOS 8.0 or later, Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


The App is currently being tested and your feedback and suggestions are welcome.