Creating Pechas with Microsoft Word 2003

I. Downloading and installing the pecha templates

  1. Download the template package from here.
  2. Extract the downloaded folder and copy the templates (Ctrl+C).
  3. Open MS Word 2003.
  4. Go to: Tools ►Options Langauge settings
  5. Then, in the dialog box, select the File Locations tab and
  6. Then click on “User Templates” and double click on the Modify button
    Langauge settings
  7. Paste the templates you copied in the beginning(Ctrl+V).
    Langauge settings
    Note: You won’t see the files you have pasted.
  8. Finally click "OK" for all.

II. Using Pecha templates

A. Selecting a template

  1. In Word 2003 go to File New.
    Langauge settings
  2. In the right pane, under Templates, click on “On my computer”.
    Langauge settings
  3. You should now see all of the following templates: 
    1. Simple Pecha (DDC Uchen).dot
    2. Pecha + Title (DDC Uchen).dot
    3. Simple Pecha (Jomolhari).dot,
    4. Pecha + Title (Jomolhari).dot
    any of which you can use.

  4. The pecha templates are named according to the font they are designed to be used with, and whether or not they have a title page. They are all designed to be used for printing on A4 paper.

B. Using the template to format pecha

Note: All formatting in pecha documents created using these templates should be done using only the in-built styles.

  • Follow steps 1 to 3 in the previous section and double click on the template you wish to use.
  • If the pecha document has an initial title page, the title may be typed directly into the new document, and the document saved.
  • Next the Chöké text for the body of the document may either be pasted from another document (reccomended) or typed directly into the new document.

Pasting text

  1. Open the document in which you typed the text for the body of the pecha. Select and copy all the text you want to paste in the pecha document.

  2. Go to the pecha document you created from the template.

  3. Place the cursor at the start of the first (non-title) page following the Gogyen (༄༅།  །)

  4. In the menu select the option “Pecha” and then “Paste text”.

  5. Note: Do not directly paste the text in (Ctrl+v)., use only the menu item as described above.
    The text you pasted should flow automatically from page to page.

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