Creating Pechas with Microsoft Word

Part 1: Introduction and Preperation


The DDC frequently gets requests for help from users wanting to prepare and print traditional pecha from their computer. In order to make this easier, the consultant of DDC IT section has created some simple pecha templates for Microsoft Word. These page describes how to install and use these templates..

These templates were primarily designed for light use. For large pecha publication projects, it is recommended to use a professional publishing application such as Adobe’s InDesign which offers a much higher degree of control - and to take the time necessary to learn how to use that application properly.

When creating pecha using these Word templates, it is important to use only the styles built-in to the template for all text formatting. There are seperate templates for creating pecha with the DDC Uchen and Jomolhari fonts.

If you wish to use a different font, change the font sizes, line spacing, border styles, frame sizes or paper size – then it is advisable to create a new template based on one of these templates, modify the styles and so on according to your needs, and then save this new template under a different name. This can then be used to make pecha formatted to your own particular requirements. The fact that these templates are simple makes it fairly easy to modify or adapt them in this way.

Preparation and configuration of your computer system and wordprocessor.

  • First, ensure that your computer is properly configured for working with Dzongkha by carefully reading and following the instructions appropriate to your operating system which can be found elswhere in the IT section of this website.
  • Next make sure your copy of Microsoft Word is properly configured for working with Dzongkha:


Click on one of the links below to go to the next page of instructions appropriate to version of MS Word you are using: