Printing Pechas with Adobe Acrobat

Note: To carry out the following steps you will need to have the full version of Adobe Acrobat / Adobe Acrobat Professional installed, not just the free Acrobat Reader.

Step 1: "Print" your pecha to PDF format

Step 2: Trim pages

Step 3 Rotate Pages

  • Next, we need to rotate the pages in the PDF file clokwise 90° to make printing easier.
  • From the menu select: Document ► Rotate Pages…
  • In the Roate Pages dialog box choose Direction: Clockwise 90 degrees and Page Range: All.
  • Then click OK


Step 5: Print odd pages

Next we will print the front sides of the pecha 2-up:
  • From Acrobat's menu choose File Print
  • In the Print dialog, first select your printer
  • Then under Print Range select All, and for Subset select Odd pages only
  • Under Page handling select:
    • Page Scaling: Multiple pages per sheet
    • Pages per sheet: Custom 2 by 1
    • Page order: Horizontal


Step 5. Print even pages on back