Dzongkha in Adobe InDesign

Using Dzongkha in InDesign CS3 and CS4

These versions of Adobe's InDesign publishing software do not have support available for rendering complex text scripts. So normally Unicode compatible Dzongkha and Tibetan script fonts do not work in the CS3 and CS4 versions of Adobe InDesign. However we discovered a way to overcome this limitation and our DDC Uchen font and the Jomolhari ID font have been created with special font tables enabling them to work in these versions of InDesign. (Both these fonts are free and open source software).

This has now made it possible for Dzongkha language publishers in Bhutan to successfully work with Unicode fonts. The DDC Uchen and the Jomolhari fonts are now being used by Dzongkha language publishers — and all national newspapers including Kuensel, The Bhutan Observer, Bhutan Today, Bhutan Times, the Journalist, and Business Bhutan for their Dzongkha editions and Dzongkha supplements.

How to use Dzongkha fonts in InDesign CS3 and CS4:




Using Dzongkha script in InDesign CS5

Adobe's InDesign CS5 for Mac OS-X supports a new composer called "World-Ready Composer". When this composer feature is used, all Unicode compatible OpenType Dzongkha fonts that work with other Windows applications or with Linux are correctly rendered.

How to enable the World-Ready Composer in InDesign CS5:

  • Either define a new paragraph style, or edit an existing style (e.g. [Basic Paragraph])
  • Then, set Paragraph Style Options / Justification / Composer to "Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer".
  • Any paragraph that has such a style assigned to it, should properly render Unicode Dzongkha text.
  • This new World-Ready composer feature supports all Unicode compatible OpenType Dzongkha fonts that work on Windows or Linux.