Digital Dzongkha Dictionaries: GoldenDict Application for Mac

Installing and using the GoldenDict application with DDC Dzongkha Dictionaries on Mac.

To download the PDF version of the instruction, Click here PDF file

Download and Installation

    1. Download DDC Dzongkha Dictionaries  

    2. Double click on the zip file to extract the files.

    3. Download GoldenDict for Mac  

    4. Double click on the file named "GoldenDict" to run it.  

    5. A GoldenDict directory will be opened by Default.

    6. Copy the GoldenDict icon and paste it on your screen.

    7. Double click on the GoldenDict icon from your screen to open the application.

    8. Go to Edit ► Dictionaries...

    9. Click on "Add" button.

    10. Browse to the Downloads folder where you previously downloaded and extracted Dzongkha Dictionaries (step 1 and 2).
    Select Dzongkha Dictionaries ► stardict-dz-dz and click on Choose.

    11. Repeat step 9 until you have finished adding the rest of the Dzongkha dictionaries.

    12. Tick all the checkbox next to the dictionaries and click on "Rescan now".

    13. Then click on "OK".

    Using the GoldenDict Application

    1. The aread highlighted in Red is the search field where you can type in your search word either in English or Dzongkha depending on the dictionary of your choice. After typing in the word, press Enter on your keyboard, or select the word of your choice from the possible match list that appears in the area highlighted in blue. The result of your search is displayed in the area highlighted in green. The selected dictionary is also displayed in this area.

    2. By default after adding the dictionaries, all the DDC Dzongkha dictionaries will be turned on, as shown below:

    3. However, if you wish to refer only one particular dictionary at a time, you can turn the others off by simply clicking on them, as shown in the illustration below:

    4. Use the magnification tools shown below to increase or decrease the viewing font size of the text in the results area:

    5. To view the meaning of a specific term, highlight the term and enter "command + c c". You will see the search result as shown below:

    Note: Make sure the GoldenDict is open/ minimized to taskbar. You wont see the search result if the GoldenDict is not open.