Dzongkha on Mobile Phones & Tablets

Instructions for installing Dzongkha and Dzongkha Dictionaries on Mobile Phones

How to view Dzongkha web pages on older mobile phones

Normally you will not be able to view Dzongkha webpages on many older mobile phones. There are probably no Dzongkha fonts on your phone and, even if there were, the operating system of the phone may not be capable of displaying Dzongkha correctly.

However, if your phone has an active internet connection and the Opera Mini-Browser installed, then try this:

  • Open Opera Mini.
  • In the address bar type “config:” and press "Go to" or "OK".
  • Then you should see see a configuration page.
  • For the setting “Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts” set “YES”. Now you should be able to view any language website including those in Dzongkha.
These settings cause pages containing complex scripts to be rendered on a remote server and then the pages are downloaded as images to your phone.This will make the page loading slower, but you should now be able to view any languge website on your phone.