Dzongkha on Maemo Smart Phones

Dzongkha on Mobiles:


Nokia N900

The Nokia N900 is a very poweful smartphone running the Maemo operating system, which is a version of Linux designed for mobile devices. It works very well with Dzongkha. The N900 is available in India and may be orderd from Nokia dealers in Bhutan.

Installing the Dzongkha Keyboard and Dzongkha Font

To enable support for Dzongkha on Nokia N900 (Maemo 5) phones simply install the latest version of the UKeyboard package from here or here. The current UKeyboard package includes both a virtual Dzongkha Keyboard and the DDC Uchen Dzongkha font [ttf dzongkha (0.3-6-maemo).deb].

Once you have installled UKeyboard, on your phone go to Text Input in the Settings menu, and make sure you have Use Virtual Keyboard enabled. Also choose "English, Nederlands" as your Hardware Keyboard Layout and then set 1st Language to "English (UK)" and 2nd Language to "Dzongkha (Bhutan)".

If your phone already has the SCIM / MSCIM application (commonly used for CJK input) installed, this may prevent the use of UKeyboard and the Dzongkha virtual keyboard.

Using the Dzongkha Keyboard

  • In any application that accepts text input, close the hardware keyboard and tap on the area for text input, this will display the virtual Dzongkha Keboard

Keyboard Layout

Normal State

Shift State:



DDC Dzongkha Dictionaries

Installing the Dictionary Application

Installing DDC Dzongkha Dictionaries

  • Once MStarDict is installed, download our Dzongkha dictionaries in the file format designed to work with this program - Unzip this file and place the folders for the individual dictionaries in a folder called mstardict inside your MyDocuments folder on the N900.
  • If you connect your N900 to a PC in mass storage mode your MyDocuments folder will appear as the root directory of your device place the mstardict folder there:
  • This folder should contain a subfolder for each dictionary
  • If you wish to install any additional dctionaries, place them here as well.


Using the DDC Dzongkha Dictionaries:

Looking up Dzongkha Entries
  • Open the MStarDict application

Tap on the text input area at the bottom of the screen to display the vrtual Dzongkha Keyboard and type the word you want to look up
(omit any final tsek or shad ) and then press enter:

  • After typing the word (or the first part of the word), press Enter
  • A list of words appears on the main part of the screen. Tap on the word you wish to look up to display the definition.


  • If you have both the Dzongkha-English and Dzongkha-Dzongkha dictionaries loaded, for Dzongkha words you will see both an English and Dzongkha definition

Looking up English Entries

For English entries, you may use either the virtual English Keyboard, or the slide-out keyboard. With the later, the candidate words will appear as you type


Using Dzongkha in other Applications

On the N900 you may use Dzongkha in many applications. For example



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