Installing Dzongkha Dictionaries - 2

These instructions will guide you through the process of installing the English-Dzongkha Dictionary program, made by Tshering Dorji, on your computer.

Note: This English Dzongkha dictionary program uses Microsoft Visual Basic and so it will only work on computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system.


Installing the English-Dzongkha Digital Dictionary

1. Download the installation/executable file from the link  english-dzongkha digital dictionary setup and save it in your hard disk drive.

2. Double click on the Dictionary.exe to run the installation

3. Just follow the next button to complete the installation.

4. In case of windows 7, there is some error in installation, please follow the steps below.

5. Right click the Dictionary.exe files

6. Select the properties and click.
7. Click on Compatibility
8. Select the Check box: Run this program in Compatibility mode for and select the OS from dropdown menu.
9. Double click Dictionary.exe once more to install.
The English-Dzongkha Digital Dictionary will now be installed on your computer and ready to be used.


Acknowledgement: The English Dzongkha Digital Dictionary program was made by Tshering Dorji, Asst ICT Officer Tsirang Dzongkhag, using dictionary data from the DDC, and it was given to the DDC for free public distribution.