Digital Dzongkha Dictionaries

These instructions will guide you through the process of installing the DDC Dzongkha Dictionaries on your computer.



If your computer is not already set-up for Dzongkha, follow the instructions appropriate to your operating system to setup your computer for Dzongkha. (Install Dzongkha Fonts and Dzongkha Keyboard; and, for Windows XP, you should also enable complex script support and update Uniscribe).

The instructions and files necessary for completing these steps may be found by clicking on the name of your operating system in the menu on the right.

If your computer is already setup for Dzongkha, simply follow the instructions below and on the next page to install the Dzongkha dictionaries on your computer.


Installing the Dzongkha-English Dictionary

Note: This dictionary is written in HTML and will work on any computer system with a Web Browser.

Follow the steps below to dowload and install the Dzongkha-English Dictionary

Step 1 - Download the files

Double click on the on this Zip icon zip icon and choose Save File or Save to download and save the Dzongkha English file to your desktop:

Save the file to your desktop.

Step 2 - Extract the files

(The instructions outlined in this step are for the Windows operating system - for other systems the proceedure will be similar)
  • First, with your mouse simply left-click on the Dzongkha English Dictionary zip file on your desktop and choose Extract All….
  • An Extraction Wizard box will appear. Choose: Next >
  •  Make sure the Destination Folder is the Dzongkha English Dictionary directory on your desktop, and click Next >
  •  Once the files have been extracted, click Finish to exit the Extraction wizard


Step 3 - Using the Dictionary

Open the Dzongkha-English Dictionary folder on your desktop and double click on the Index file to start the dictionary:

  • The opening page wil be displayed:

  • From the tabs at the top of the page, choose and click the root letter for the word you want to look up:

  • Next click on the appropriate combination in the second row of tabs:

  • If necessary, scroll down the page to find the word you want.